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Is Nashville Cheap or Expensive?

Nashville, known as the "Music City," has been hitting all the high notes in recent years as a hub for both music lovers and job seekers. If you're thinking of moving to Nashville, relocating to the Nashville area, or you're already there and looking for a Nashville real estate agent, one question is bound to strike a chord: Is Nashville cheap or expensive? Well, grab your cowboy boots and your favorite tune because we're about to explore the cost of living in this vibrant city.

1. The Music City Magic

First things first, let's groove to the rhythm of the city. Nashville is famous for its live music scene, from honky-tonks to grand concert halls. But living the dream here might not be as costly as you'd think. While it's not dirt cheap, it's certainly not New York or San Francisco expensive either. In fact, Nashville's cost of living is about 3% lower than the national average, according to BestPlaces. That means you can enjoy live music and entertainment without blowing your budget. But you may need some help finding the best kept secrets and how to get the best bang for your buck, and that's where a trusted Realtor® like me comes in handy! (So reach out and let's talk!)

2. Housing

One of the key factors in the cost of living is housing. In Nashville, the real estate market has been singing a tune of growth, which could have you feeling a bit flat. The median home price is around $330,000, according to Zillow. But the good news is that housing prices are still relatively affordable when compared to other booming cities in the U.S. It's also worth mentioning that the city's property taxes are among the lowest in the nation, which can save you some serious cash. This affordability opens the door to homeownership without the sticker shock found in many other metropolises.

3. Suburbs for Savings

If you're planning on relocating to the Nashville area and want to save a few dollars, consider the neighboring suburbs. Places like Franklin and Brentwood offer slightly more affordable housing while being just a short drive from the heart of Nashville. This way, you can enjoy the city's vibrant lifestyle without breaking the bank on housing costs. With the city's burgeoning suburban options, you can strike a balance between the urban excitement of Nashville and a more budget-friendly lifestyle. Also consider Thompson's Station, Spring Hill and Columbia (for south of Nashville). Bellevue might be a good option for west of Nashville. Clarksville is about 45 minutes from Nashville but is a more affordable area for buying real estate.

4. Groceries and Grub

What about the cost of sustenance, you ask? Groceries and dining out are relatively budget-friendly in Nashville. You can grab a delicious hot chicken sandwich for under ten bucks, and the local grocery stores won't break the bank either. Exploring the city's diverse food scene can be a tasty and cost-effective adventure. With its mouthwatering culinary offerings and affordable dining, you can indulge your taste buds without emptying your wallet.

Here is a helpful link regarding local grocery prices: Numbeo

5. Transportation

In Nashville, getting around can be as smooth as a sweet country melody. While the city is still developing its public transportation, you'll find that gas prices are lower than the national average. Plus, traffic congestion, while increasing, is nowhere near LA levels. So, you won't be stuck in your car or emptying your wallet at the pump. Navigating the city is both convenient and cost-effective, allowing you to enjoy your time in Nashville without the stress and expenses associated with heavy traffic.

6. Education Expenses

For families moving to Nashville, schools might be a top concern. The city has a variety of public and private options, and the cost of education here is generally in tune with the national average. You can feel confident that you're getting a quality education for your children without the steep price tag found in some other cities. This educational balance allows you to provide your family with a top-notch schooling experience without sacrificing your financial peace of mind. You can explore GreatSchools for information on local schools and their ratings.

7. Job Opportunities

Nashville's booming job market can make it a lot easier to afford your Southern dream. With a variety of industries, including healthcare, tech, and music, the city's job scene is as diverse as its music. This means that you can find a well-paying job that aligns with your career goals, allowing you to comfortably afford the city's lifestyle. The job market's diversity and growth provide an opportunity for financial security and career advancement, making Nashville a city where your professional aspirations can thrive. You can explore local job opportunities on websites like Indeed.

8. Entertainment Encore

From the Grand Ole Opry to music festivals and art galleries, Nashville offers plenty of affordable entertainment options. You won't need to empty your pockets to enjoy the city's cultural richness. Whether you're into live music, museums, or outdoor adventures, there's something for every taste and budget. The city's diverse entertainment offerings ensure that you can enjoy a culturally rich and exciting lifestyle without the need for a hefty entertainment budget.

Visit Nashville Scene for more info.

9. Healthcare Harmony

Good healthcare is another note worth considering. The cost of healthcare in Nashville is around the national average, and you'll find excellent medical facilities here. With quality healthcare that doesn't break the bank, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your health needs are well-covered without the high costs found in some other major cities. Access to quality and affordable healthcare is a crucial factor in your overall well-being and financial stability when living in Nashville.

Interesting side note- that pairs nice with my previous point #7, is that the healthcare industry provides around 8,000-9,000 jobs to the local area so it's a big sector of the workforce here.


So, is Nashville cheap or expensive? Well, it's definitely more affordable than many other major cities in the U.S., offering a harmonious blend of a rich cultural scene, job opportunities, and a lower cost of living. If you're thinking of moving to Nashville and need assistance with your real estate needs, don't hesitate to reach out to your friendly Nashville real estate agent (me!) to guide you through this musical journey. Nashville is a city where the sound of your dreams can become a sweet reality. 🎸🎵



I'm Scott Davis, a licensed Realtor® in Tennessee, I work in and all around Nashville. If you're moving to the area or already here and thinking about making a move elsewhere, I would love the opportunity to help you with all of your real estate needs! Let's work together!

Please contact me and let's discuss where you are and how I can help get you where you are going!

Thank you for visiting. Happy moving!

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